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Inspiration and information = Offer sales-arguments = Optimize revenue

Providing florists with flower-info in a live presentation

InFlorist offers you the newest product information in a online-presentation that is daily updated and used to improve business. is set up to keep you informed with the latest product news about flowers from the flower auctions in Holland. The presentation is being updated on a daily basis, so you’ll always be informed with the latest news in your business.The presentation is also being shown on large TV screens inside cash and carries throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The idea of is to provide you with information that will help to improve your business. 




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Inflorist inside your Cash and Carry

The idea behind is, that if your customers are informed well - thanks to the screen in your cash and carry - you’ll help them to increase their sales with the products they can buy in your store. also gives you information about growers, breeders and other important partners in our business. Because, in floristry it’s all about buying and selling the right product, with the right quality and being able to earn money with it.

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